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6040 Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Description :

XQ-0640F precision fiber laser cutting machine using imported Japan AC servo drive motor drive system, the machine kinematics grinding stage screw drive, linear guide rail to ensure high-speed equipment, high-precision, high reliability.Widely used in glasses, electronics, appliances and other precision machinery, hardware, microelectronics industry.
Main Features

1. Widely used in glasses, electronics, appliances and other precision machinery,

hardware, microelectronics industry

2.600 ° heat treatment and 24 hours with the furnace cooling, 8 meters gantry milling

finishing, precision welding protection of carbon dioxide, to ensure the normal use for

20 years without deformation

3. Rail installation with precision collimator test, the accuracy is less than 0.01mm
4. Taiwan grinding screw drive.
5. High precision, speed, cutting surface smooth 
6. Configure Yaskawa servo system inertia in driving high accuracy
7. Fully enclosed protective Cover
Technical Parameters 
Processing format :( L × W) 600mm * 370mm
Laser: 300W / 500W / 1000W (optional)
Dimensions: 1700 * 1190 * 1850
Cutting material thickness 0.1-2mm (depending on material)
Repeat positioning accuracy: ± 0.01mm / m
Maximum speed: 40m / min
Maximum Acceleration: 0.5G
Machine weight: 800kg
Machine Operating temperature: 0 ℃ -40 ℃
Transmission: grinding precision screw drive
Application industry

Glasses, electronic appliances and other sophisticated hardware, microelectronics industry

Application materials

Professional for cutting various thin metal sheet, steel plate, stainless steel plate, cutting galvanized sheet, electrolytic plates and other metal materials.


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